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James Allen Engagement Rings Design and Setting

Most people who are getting engaged must be familiar with the brands such as James Allen. For a long time, James Allen engagement rings have witnessed thousands of love, engagements and marriages. From James Allen, the customers are offered a wide array of diamond cuts, sizes, shapes and illumination dramatics from this company. James Allen engagement rings will be so much interesting to take for the deep consideration including special techniques to take your finger ring measurements. Moreover, James Allen will send you a specialized plastic ring band that can be fitted to create your custom fit for an engagement ring that people will never regret about. This is what makes James Allen engagement rings last till now.

James Allen rings are made in a gamut of styles that are impressive to traditional and contemporary jewelry patrons you usually find in the market. Through this ring, you are assured of conflict-free, authentic diamond harvesting rings that you can see the magic of the craftsmen in the settings for engagement rings.

James Allen Engagement Rings

James Allen Engagement Rings
Most of James Allen engagement rings are made of diamonds which are separated in different patters such as:

  • Solitaire settings which are considered as a single diamond cut to perfection rides on the crown of this ring. Through this ring, you can chose from shapes, illumination enhancing cuts and band designs.
  • Pave set rings in which the diamonds are paved into a gold or sterling silver band to give the effect of glitter. This ring will look like your finger has a bunch of stars, so sparkling and eye catching.
  • Channel Set Rings that has channel set diamonds in demand. The setting involves a multitude of diamonds and other precious gems within two parallel strips of precious metal. The metal is usually gold and platinum.
  • Settings with Side-stones which are added with emphasis to the diamond rock.
  • Three-Stone Rings which are a luxurious opposite of the solitaire with the 3 stones that embellish the rings which becomes the favorite among engagement rings.
  • Contemporary or Tension ring which holds the diamonds with application which is usually more expensive than others. Engagement rings in tension setting are exquisite in their illumination and elegance for you
  • Gemstone setting which is added with the additional gemstones for more color and glitter.
The best thing from James Allen engagement ring is that they can be customized and designed. The James Allen rigs offer a special design your own ring service which enable you to not only choose from different types of settings and gemstones but also diamond shapes, cuts and sizes that will really fit the finger of your girl. Following the development of technology, James Allen companies have opened the online shop to visit that the customers can choose the rings by themselves. James Allen Jewelry online store is protected and certified by Thawte SGC which is a certified Authority and encryption code provider using 128-256-bit encryption. It means that the credit card details you submit are protected by state of the art encryption coding which giving you and your credit card information maximum security. So, overall, buying James Allen engagement rings both online and offline is safe and easy to do.

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