Rabu, 15 Februari 2012

Kitchenaid KSB560 Blender for Fast Juice Making

Making juice will be boring sometimes if we have to spend much time to blend and ix the ingredients we need. But now, with the new series of blender, Kitchenaid KSB560, making juice will be fun because everything can be done in a fast and simple we can make the any kind of iced drinks with this blender which is built in the 0.9 horsepower for back-to-back blending options. There are also the pitcher slides ingredients in the measurement of 56 oz for the fast blending option which is made for a larger amount of ingredients. The blade strikes which are patented are completed in the 4 different planes for the optimum performance. Also, the Kitchenaid KSB560 is completed with its commercial-grade polycarbonate pitcher which is very strong and lightweight. The device can resist the extreme temperature and also the annoying scratches and stains when it is used. The button crushes of Kitchenaid KSB560 can evenly break the ice that the users can also pulse at any speed which is required. Therefore by using this special Kitchenaid KSB560, the device can be used to puree hot soups, chop veggies and mix smooth batter which will be faster than the usual blender can do. All of the best features can be proven with the 1 year replacement warranty when it is broken.

The blender is built on the 7 X 8 ½ x 15 ½ inches dimension to crush the ingredients which can reach 12 lbs once the blender is operated. The machine needs 740 watts to work. The Kitchenaid KSB560 can spin up to 13,000 rpm. Moreover, this appliance is also equipped with the 5 speed touch pad to control the stirring activity that makes all process easier than what other devices can do. To adjust power, the monitor which is licensed by the Intelli-Speed can accommodate all of the thicker mixtures in one simple action. To reduce the start-up and pull food and ice into the blade, the Soft Start feature is put on the blender to fasten the speed. The pitcher contours guide the ingredients to work fast in blending the ingredients. The blend and serve features on the Kitchenaid KSB560 will give the soft and non slip grip for easier handling that the users can handle it without being afraid of slipping. The additional one pitcher is also put on the blender to eliminate the food traps which can be disassembled when it is not necessary to use. For the more optimum crushing efficiency, this blender is also equipped with the ice crush option with the intervals which can be staggered. The 12 interlocking teeth are made from the steel which reinforced for the blender of Kitchenaid KSB560 to get more strength when it is used for crushing the hard and heavy materials. The removable 2 oz lid enables the users to remove the unnecessary bowl when mixing the ingredients using this device. To see how this Kitchenaid KSB560 works, it is suggested for you to keep and use it at home.

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